Thursday, December 3, 2009

Evo 4 in ATL

It's a big weekend of firsts both for me and the Atlanta b-boy scene. For me, this is going to be the biggest jam I've DJ'ed so far. For Atlanta, it's going to be our first international event. We've had some decent size jams in the past like Loose Screws 9 and 10, the Breaklanta series, ATL's Revolution and All Targets Leveled, but never anything on this scale. As of this writing I believe there are over 50 crews signed up from all over the US, Europe, and Asia. I've been hearing that all the presales have been sold out.

I've been in the Atlanta scene for a while now, not as long as some like Zapper or Totem, but long enough to have seen it grow from a time when there were maybe 4 crews and a jam two or three times a year if we were lucky. Fast forward about 7 years and there are almost a dozen crews and at least one jam a month. I see new people, kids really, at every practice and jam I go to now. It's a good feeling to see something you've been a part of so long reach the level we're at and continue to grow.

I'm hoping that Evolution 4 isn't the culmination of everything the Atlanta B-boys have worked toward this past decade. Instead I hope it's a beginning. I want all these crews coming from around the world to see our city, meet our people, hear our DJs and want to come back again for our next jam. Hopefully they'll see why so many of us are proud to say we're from The "A."

- AlphaTrion
Risen from the Ashes crew
Atlanta, GA

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