Saturday, May 23, 2009

More mixes to come...

Just so people don't think I'm completely lazy, I am trying to improve my mixtape-releasing average. One every year and a half isn't really cutting it for me so I'm trying to up it to once a month. I'll be posting the links here, on my twitter (, and at my blog:

Here's what's coming in the next few months:

Funk b-boy mix
Hip-hop b-boy mix
Popping mix (mostly funk and electro but trying to expand out more past Egyptian Lover and Siberian Nights)
House Mix
Probably another Bmore mix
a chill/downtempo mix
and whatever else I'm in the mood to record.

My Summertime Mix for May can be found here if you haven't already heard it:

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Mix for the Summertime

Just finished a new mix for the Summer. If you were at the All Styles Battle at Bashville Stampede you might recognize a few of the tracks from the battles. Tried to keep it, hip-hop, new jack, club...Enjoy and share it with anyone you think might like it.


Download Here: S-U-M-M-A-T-I-M-E '09