Friday, July 17, 2009

Best trailer ever

First, that's the best movie guy ever. He just mumbles everything in what must be the worst English accent I've ever heard. He sounds like Uncle Grandfather from Perfect Hair Forever. On top of that, the whole trailer is just him naming awesome things in the movie in a long list. Every trailer should be like this. The trailer for Star Trek could've just been a drunk guy going "Spaceships. Time Travel. Explosions. Sylar. Swordfighting on a tower. Aliens. Water Tube travel. Shaun of the Dead Guy." show the name of the movie, bam, instant blockbuster.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Diggin in FLA and playing in Augusta

Sorry no posts for a while, been a bit busy. Went to Florida with the family for vacation then been gearing up since I'm booked for the next 3 weekends and I'm trying to get some more mixes out.

Went to a small record shop at the Daytona Flea Market called Rainbow Records and came a way with bag full of records. I've been going there since I first got my first set of turntables every year when we go on vacation in New Smyrna. This was the first year I went down with my new Hand Trax portable table and gave my self a full day to really dig. This is mainly the place to go if you're looking for rock records, their collection is huge and one of the guys that works there once told me he had the sixth largest Pink Floyd collection in the world (Where do you find the rankings for that?). However, over the past couple of years they've been getting a lot of people selling their old Jazz, Funk and Soul Collections. I spent a majority of the time looking through their 45s and came away with some real winners, including copies of Funky Drummer - James Brown, the Hand Clapping song and Cissy Strut by The Meters, and Get Out My Life Woman by Lee Dorsey. I got a ton of other stuff as well but really too much to list it all out. I might try and upload a few of the tracks later on.


And this weekend we did a performance down in Augusta for it's First Friday festival thing. Apparently, they every first Friday a ton of people come out to Broad St. to hang out and check out different performers and vendors. We were originally planning to do a street battle with HBO crew, Mixed Motions (from Augusta) and Quic (MZK/Funklordz) and Boogie Linx (Funklordz) just a little ways a away from the James Brown statue. We drew a crowd within seconds of me playing a couple of tracks but it wasn't long before the cops shut us down for being too loud. We had to move across the street aways and started up again. We drew an even bigger crowd but we constantly got hassled by other vendors who demanded we show permits and threatened to shut us down. Apparently if you you're more popular than everybody's a problem. Well, everything had been arranged ahead of time by the Augusta B-boys so they didn't have any grounds to shut us down. We kept it going till 10 when First Friday was over then it was over to b-boy Kid Sonic's house for food, drinks, and fun by a big ass bonfire. It was good celebration overall but I never thought I'd get hassled for playing James Brown too loud in Augusta, GA of all places.