Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Mix! T.W.A. (Trackz With Attitude)

Just finished a new mix, first b-boy one in a while. It is a b-boy mix but I tried to make it something fun to just listen to as well. It's in two halves, all hip-hop. I tried to go with tracks that weren't necessarily standards at b-boy jams and most tended to have a bit of an edge to 'em, hence the title of the mix "T.W.A. (Trackz with Attitude). First half is mostly east coast hip-hop (with some Chicago thrown in) and second half is mostly west coast (with some British coast thrown in). The parental warning's real folks...unedited versions are on this mix. So don't listen to it with your mom if she doesn't like Ice-T (New Jack City Ice-T, not Law & Order Ice-T).


Download here: T.W.A. (Trackz With Attitude - AlphaTrion (Sharebee)

EDIT: Some people were having trouble with sharebee so I just added it to divshare as well-

Direct Download: T.W.A. - AlphaTrion

Alternate titles for the mix:
"East Coast Vs West Coast Vs Great Lakes Coast vs British Coast"

"M-po, Stop Asking Me For A Mixtape"

"AlphaTrion still makes B-boy mixes?"

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